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Garlic Flakes Second Grade
Garlic Flakes First Grade
Garlic Granules 16-26 Mesh
Garlic Granules 26-40 Mesh
Garlic Granules 40-60Mesh
Garlic Powder
Roasted Garlic Granules 8-16 Mesh

We are one of the earliest and biggest producers and suppliers of dried garlic products in China. We could supply dehydrated garlic flakes, granules and powder, including the following sizes:
Different sizes:
Garlic Flakes, First Grade, Second Grade
Garlic Granules, 5-8.8-16,16-26,26-40.40-80 Mesh
Galic Powder 120 Mesh up, First Grade, 2nd Grade, Feeding Grade
We could also supply roasted garlic granules and powder.


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